Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New haul: LIZ LISA, JUGEtta, Betsy Johnson and more

Hello! Many of you already know Spring is coming! I decided it was time to change up my wardobe a bit.  Brands in this haul include: LIZ LISA, JUGEtta, Betsy Johnson and more!  I will include pictures and anything else that comes to mind! Feel free to comment and give some suggestions for future posts! Much love –Rose

The first items below are by Betsy Johnson. They include a bag and two wallets.  As you can see, my favorite color is pink! :) 

cute, cute, cute!!

I also bought three off brand items, they include a spring dress, chiffon blouse and flats

This dress is so cute and fits me perfectly!!!!!! :)

These shoes make me laugh every time! :D
My LIZ LISA, JUGEtta and Tralala items, came from Tokyokawaii Life located in Japan... As a forwarding service I used Tenso... I have used them in the past with no problems! Definitely recommended!

       From JUGEtta I got a cute summer Jacket.. It fits me perfectly!  Generally It's hard for me to find clothing that fits me well, so when I tried this on I was heaven! :) What I also loved about it, was the detachable broach. I will keep mine on the jacket since I love the way it looks: 

The next three items are from Tralala they include: a tan high-waisted skirt,  dark green jacket, and blouse..
( included in the pic is a navy high-waisted skirt that I also purchased from LIZ LISA)

(left) LIZ LISA (right) Tralala.. Fits perfectly!! The skirt has a stretchable band so it can fit all body types!

Was a bit disappointed with this jacket, although it is one size it's a bit big. I guess it will be convenient when layering. The buttons also on this look fragile and I fear that they will fall off... What I do like about this jacket is that you can wear the sleeves two ways.

I love this blouse!! I purposely made loose fit which makes it very comfy. The ribbon on this blouse is detachable! Which is perfect when you need to dress up or down. Also the buttons on this blouse are pearls! How cute is that?

Aside from the high-waisted navy skirt I got other items from LIZ LISA. They include: Two pairs of boots, two bags and a clothing set.

This is the Paris edition three way bag, although it looks big it is fairly small. It is only big enough to fit a wallet and some make up accessories.

This purse is described as the color pink. Initially I was worried that It was going to be a dark pink color, but was relieved to see that it is very light. It can be worn two ways... Ten times prettier in person!

For the boots I got two colors that were available (they were on sale due to being from past season) As advertized on the website they had two colors: tan and ivory. The picture they used for the ivory boots online was completely different than what it is in person. I'm a bit disappointed about it, but they will still be used.

The first picture is the Ivory boot color they had advertized.

The Ivory and tan boots I received are below:

They are completely a different color! *frowns*  I thought they were above knee in length but they only go up to my knees. Or maybe I'm just tall for Asian clothing/shoes measurements?

This is the clothing set I received from LIZ LISA. The sweater contains bows on it! I thought they were detachable, but they are not! When I put this on, I couldn't help but think about a 5 year old. So I will try to cut the bows off with a pair of scissors. Aside from the ribbons on the sweater it is great! The material is super soft and light, which is perfect for the spring!!! The skirt included in this set has a pettieskirt! It's quite funny since it poofs out a bit!  What is great about this skirt is that it has sewn shorts inside so if they ride up you won't show your undies! :) I most likely wear this sweater with other outfits and sets. But, I am not to sure about the skirt.

The white color on the sweater is sewn on to give a layered effect
Finally for accessories I got two new bracelets and a mascara. The Juicy Couture bracelet included in this pic has a pink ribbon. The ribbon is for the user to spray perfume on it! I find it as a great alternative of wearing perfume without having the need of spraying on one's skin or clothing! The scent stays on it for a while too!

(left to right) Mia Fiore, Juicy Couture, Loreal
 From this haul I noticed that JUGEtta sells clothing with a more mature style/appeal. So in the future I most likely will be purchasing from them. Tralala items run a little big so if you are a bit on the tall side definitely try them out! :) And naturally LIZ LISA is great for bags! :) I hope you enjoyed my haul! :) Feel free to leave comments/questions :D

Saturday, March 7, 2015


It has been almost a year since I last posted! Regardless. here are some photos I would like to share. Here is the red line, this train goes through the city of Boston and Cambridge. You will see a lot of nurses and doctors on this line because it stops at a Massachusetts General Hospital. It is one of the best hospitals in the nation! I hope to work there one day!

Bridge over the Charles river; red line and car path

This picture of the train is going over a bridge. It is the Charles river. On this river you can go canoeing.  I have gone canoeing with my cousin too! She had fun, although I must admit, I was very nervous, I thought we were going to tip over since she kept getting confused between her left and right. yikes! Here is a picture of the Charles river with some people canoeing.

Charles river

Prior onto going onto the bridge that goes over the Charles river there is a neat little bakery! I love to go there to get a prosciutto sandwich  for lunch. There is also a vegan restaurant nearby that uses vegetables and fruits of the current season. Below is a picture of the small bakery.


Aside from walking around in the city, I enjoy talking walks around the beach, it is great exercise!! Here is a small snapshot of me posing at the beach. Since this photo I have cut my hair, it is no longer able to go in a bun! 

P.S. I will have a review of my new shop haul! It will include brands such as : LIZ LISA. Tralala, JUGEtta, Betsy Johnson, etc.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

I hope your spring is going well! I am finally finished with my classes this semester! It was a difficult semester for me socially. A lot of my peers stopped talking to me and kept their distance. I am not sure if it is out of pure jealousy or them trying to compete with me. Regardless of this dilemma, I still managed to get all A's! So that's good :) It just sucked being alone... On a good note I am trying to take some classes at the American Red Cross this summer.... I hope all goes well with that. In the meantime here are some recent photos that I had taken to celebrate such a beautiful season!  I love all the colors during this time of year. Everything is so bright and colorful!! :) ... p.s. I dyed my hair!

love the pink and my hat :)
just cute!!!

enjoy the scenery in this picture, looks like a dream!
sometimes natural poses are the best!
me reading in an art gallery xD

...............and these are cute slippers that I got at a local shop. Only for 3$! I'm in love with them!! :) <3

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentines day! xoxoxo

Hey guys! I hope your Valentines day went well!!!!

The day before Valentines day, it snowed alot here. Many schools got canceled because of the snow! My school unfortunatly didn't cancel so I ended up having to drag myself there. The commute home was horrible! The following day after was Valetines day! I decided to stay home and be safe since most of the side walks most likely needed to be cleaned still. I did get Valentine chocolates. I would have taken a picture but unfortunatly I ate all of them! Chocolate is my weakness! haha :) Well, today I spent the most of the day relaxing and writing a paper. My teacher sent me an email saying another snow storm is coming. I am so tired of the snow! Especially since it's so unsafe to walk in once everything frezzes over. I still havent recieved any of my packages in the mail. SO no new reviews yet =[  Instead I'll just share my outfit of the day, and a quick Valentines snap I took of myself! Enjoy :)  xoxoxo -Rose

I need a new camera =[

My Valentines Snapshot

Sunday, February 9, 2014

夢 Dream

Hello guys! I know it has been a while! I must apologize for being such an awful blogger! My studies take up most of my time now. I do have some product reviews I would like to post about in the near future!! Speaking of posts I just finished writing a poem. I wanted hope to be the main theme. I life we have struggles and hardships. Sometimes we wonder if it is ever going to end. But it will pass too! So just hold onto the good memories until the rain stops... Well, here is my poem!  :) -Rose

夢 Dream

始まりを見つけよう                                                Find your new beginning
だから だから ...                                                             because because....
きっと目覚める瞬間                                            the moment you wake up I'm sure
光がある... for you                                                      there is light ...for you
愛しさは せつなさ抱きしめて                                 love embraces you
希望を持って強く                                                    hold strongly onto hope

過ぎてゆく昨日へと 手を振りながら         While waving goodbye to yesterday

たどり着いた                                                       it's all or nothing now
踏み出せば 何かが変わるから                   If we step forward, something will change
恐れず前を向いて                                                     don't be afraid of the future
君は一人ではないから                                                   you are not alone
光が道を示す                           the light will show you the way

09 Feb 2014

photo from @linda_1312  instagram®


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Geo Lens Review

Mainly in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China eye lens enlargement is pretty popular among females.  Generally these lens are referred to as "circle lens". These lenses are used for cosmetic reasons, some say they tend to give off a doll like look, or soften facial features or even reference to look like anime characters. Here is an example of an anime character:

In general, the Iris in the human eye ranges from 12 to 14 mm in diameter. The circle lense is sold in a variety of sizes from 14mm and up. The circle in areas that cover the iris of the eye, but also prominently in the extra-wide outer rim of the lens. These lens is sold in a variety of styles, look, colors and designs. There are many popular brands in the market that make circle lenses such as Geo Medical, i.Fairy, Kimichi, Dueba and G&G, DollyEye, E.O.S., Vassen, and Colourvue. If you want to try these lenses they are offered to fit your own prescription needs. If  you have normal vision you order the 0 prescription known as "plano". Sites that offer this kind of lenses can be found at:


Personally prefer Geo medical brand lenses. I got both the Geo deep blue and Geo 3 tone green from lensvillage.com Here is my review on the two lenses:

Geo Tri Color Green Lens CM-903 a.k.a. "Berry Berry Chessy"

Comfortableness: ★★
I can't feel them on. I can wear them for hours on end with no problem.
The most I liked about them is that they look completely natural.

Geo Color Nine 9 Deep Blue Lenses AN-A42

Comfortableness of a
I defiantly can feel them in my inner eye lid, which can get a bit annoying.
The most I can wear them for about an hour. I constantly needed to use eye drops.



Friday, March 15, 2013

purikura プリクラ review

In Japan the purinto kurabu プリント倶楽部 or formally known as purikura プリクラ is a photo booth that prints out photo stickers. With the captured photo you are able to customize it with stamps, words, picture frames, or even you're own hand drawing. Here is a picture of a traditional photo booth in Japan.

I found an application named GirlsCamera. It works similar to the purikura. This app has a selection of stamps, picture frames and it even has a tool where you can hand draw! Here is a picture I edited with this app.

My rating is   (5)

The app is very easy to use, and fun! :) Great experience and free! I absolutely love it! =]

"GirlsCamera" © GMO MEdia Inc