Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New haul: LIZ LISA, JUGEtta, Betsy Johnson and more

Hello! Many of you already know Spring is coming! I decided it was time to change up my wardobe a bit.  Brands in this haul include: LIZ LISA, JUGEtta, Betsy Johnson and more!  I will include pictures and anything else that comes to mind! Feel free to comment and give some suggestions for future posts! Much love –Rose

The first items below are by Betsy Johnson. They include a bag and two wallets.  As you can see, my favorite color is pink! :) 

cute, cute, cute!!

I also bought three off brand items, they include a spring dress, chiffon blouse and flats

This dress is so cute and fits me perfectly!!!!!! :)

These shoes make me laugh every time! :D
My LIZ LISA, JUGEtta and Tralala items, came from Tokyokawaii Life located in Japan... As a forwarding service I used Tenso... I have used them in the past with no problems! Definitely recommended!

       From JUGEtta I got a cute summer Jacket.. It fits me perfectly!  Generally It's hard for me to find clothing that fits me well, so when I tried this on I was heaven! :) What I also loved about it, was the detachable broach. I will keep mine on the jacket since I love the way it looks: 

The next three items are from Tralala they include: a tan high-waisted skirt,  dark green jacket, and blouse..
( included in the pic is a navy high-waisted skirt that I also purchased from LIZ LISA)

(left) LIZ LISA (right) Tralala.. Fits perfectly!! The skirt has a stretchable band so it can fit all body types!

Was a bit disappointed with this jacket, although it is one size it's a bit big. I guess it will be convenient when layering. The buttons also on this look fragile and I fear that they will fall off... What I do like about this jacket is that you can wear the sleeves two ways.

I love this blouse!! I purposely made loose fit which makes it very comfy. The ribbon on this blouse is detachable! Which is perfect when you need to dress up or down. Also the buttons on this blouse are pearls! How cute is that?

Aside from the high-waisted navy skirt I got other items from LIZ LISA. They include: Two pairs of boots, two bags and a clothing set.

This is the Paris edition three way bag, although it looks big it is fairly small. It is only big enough to fit a wallet and some make up accessories.

This purse is described as the color pink. Initially I was worried that It was going to be a dark pink color, but was relieved to see that it is very light. It can be worn two ways... Ten times prettier in person!

For the boots I got two colors that were available (they were on sale due to being from past season) As advertized on the website they had two colors: tan and ivory. The picture they used for the ivory boots online was completely different than what it is in person. I'm a bit disappointed about it, but they will still be used.

The first picture is the Ivory boot color they had advertized.

The Ivory and tan boots I received are below:

They are completely a different color! *frowns*  I thought they were above knee in length but they only go up to my knees. Or maybe I'm just tall for Asian clothing/shoes measurements?

This is the clothing set I received from LIZ LISA. The sweater contains bows on it! I thought they were detachable, but they are not! When I put this on, I couldn't help but think about a 5 year old. So I will try to cut the bows off with a pair of scissors. Aside from the ribbons on the sweater it is great! The material is super soft and light, which is perfect for the spring!!! The skirt included in this set has a pettieskirt! It's quite funny since it poofs out a bit!  What is great about this skirt is that it has sewn shorts inside so if they ride up you won't show your undies! :) I most likely wear this sweater with other outfits and sets. But, I am not to sure about the skirt.

The white color on the sweater is sewn on to give a layered effect
Finally for accessories I got two new bracelets and a mascara. The Juicy Couture bracelet included in this pic has a pink ribbon. The ribbon is for the user to spray perfume on it! I find it as a great alternative of wearing perfume without having the need of spraying on one's skin or clothing! The scent stays on it for a while too!

(left to right) Mia Fiore, Juicy Couture, Loreal
 From this haul I noticed that JUGEtta sells clothing with a more mature style/appeal. So in the future I most likely will be purchasing from them. Tralala items run a little big so if you are a bit on the tall side definitely try them out! :) And naturally LIZ LISA is great for bags! :) I hope you enjoyed my haul! :) Feel free to leave comments/questions :D

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