Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Geo Lens Review

Mainly in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China eye lens enlargement is pretty popular among females.  Generally these lens are referred to as "circle lens". These lenses are used for cosmetic reasons, some say they tend to give off a doll like look, or soften facial features or even reference to look like anime characters. Here is an example of an anime character:

In general, the Iris in the human eye ranges from 12 to 14 mm in diameter. The circle lense is sold in a variety of sizes from 14mm and up. The circle in areas that cover the iris of the eye, but also prominently in the extra-wide outer rim of the lens. These lens is sold in a variety of styles, look, colors and designs. There are many popular brands in the market that make circle lenses such as Geo Medical, i.Fairy, Kimichi, Dueba and G&G, DollyEye, E.O.S., Vassen, and Colourvue. If you want to try these lenses they are offered to fit your own prescription needs. If  you have normal vision you order the 0 prescription known as "plano". Sites that offer this kind of lenses can be found at:


Personally prefer Geo medical brand lenses. I got both the Geo deep blue and Geo 3 tone green from lensvillage.com Here is my review on the two lenses:

Geo Tri Color Green Lens CM-903 a.k.a. "Berry Berry Chessy"

Comfortableness: ★★
I can't feel them on. I can wear them for hours on end with no problem.
The most I liked about them is that they look completely natural.

Geo Color Nine 9 Deep Blue Lenses AN-A42

Comfortableness of a
I defiantly can feel them in my inner eye lid, which can get a bit annoying.
The most I can wear them for about an hour. I constantly needed to use eye drops.



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