Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

I hope your spring is going well! I am finally finished with my classes this semester! It was a difficult semester for me socially. A lot of my peers stopped talking to me and kept their distance. I am not sure if it is out of pure jealousy or them trying to compete with me. Regardless of this dilemma, I still managed to get all A's! So that's good :) It just sucked being alone... On a good note I am trying to take some classes at the American Red Cross this summer.... I hope all goes well with that. In the meantime here are some recent photos that I had taken to celebrate such a beautiful season!  I love all the colors during this time of year. Everything is so bright and colorful!! :) ... p.s. I dyed my hair!

love the pink and my hat :)
just cute!!!

enjoy the scenery in this picture, looks like a dream!
sometimes natural poses are the best!
me reading in an art gallery xD

...............and these are cute slippers that I got at a local shop. Only for 3$! I'm in love with them!! :) <3

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