Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentines day! xoxoxo

Hey guys! I hope your Valentines day went well!!!!

The day before Valentines day, it snowed alot here. Many schools got canceled because of the snow! My school unfortunatly didn't cancel so I ended up having to drag myself there. The commute home was horrible! The following day after was Valetines day! I decided to stay home and be safe since most of the side walks most likely needed to be cleaned still. I did get Valentine chocolates. I would have taken a picture but unfortunatly I ate all of them! Chocolate is my weakness! haha :) Well, today I spent the most of the day relaxing and writing a paper. My teacher sent me an email saying another snow storm is coming. I am so tired of the snow! Especially since it's so unsafe to walk in once everything frezzes over. I still havent recieved any of my packages in the mail. SO no new reviews yet =[  Instead I'll just share my outfit of the day, and a quick Valentines snap I took of myself! Enjoy :)  xoxoxo -Rose

I need a new camera =[

My Valentines Snapshot

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