Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

I hope your spring is going well! I am finally finished with my classes this semester! It was a difficult semester for me socially. A lot of my peers stopped talking to me and kept their distance. I am not sure if it is out of pure jealousy or them trying to compete with me. Regardless of this dilemma, I still managed to get all A's! So that's good :) It just sucked being alone... On a good note I am trying to take some classes at the American Red Cross this summer.... I hope all goes well with that. In the meantime here are some recent photos that I had taken to celebrate such a beautiful season!  I love all the colors during this time of year. Everything is so bright and colorful!! :) ... p.s. I dyed my hair!

love the pink and my hat :)
just cute!!!

enjoy the scenery in this picture, looks like a dream!
sometimes natural poses are the best!
me reading in an art gallery xD

...............and these are cute slippers that I got at a local shop. Only for 3$! I'm in love with them!! :) <3

Monday, February 17, 2014

Happy Valentines day! xoxoxo

Hey guys! I hope your Valentines day went well!!!!

The day before Valentines day, it snowed alot here. Many schools got canceled because of the snow! My school unfortunatly didn't cancel so I ended up having to drag myself there. The commute home was horrible! The following day after was Valetines day! I decided to stay home and be safe since most of the side walks most likely needed to be cleaned still. I did get Valentine chocolates. I would have taken a picture but unfortunatly I ate all of them! Chocolate is my weakness! haha :) Well, today I spent the most of the day relaxing and writing a paper. My teacher sent me an email saying another snow storm is coming. I am so tired of the snow! Especially since it's so unsafe to walk in once everything frezzes over. I still havent recieved any of my packages in the mail. SO no new reviews yet =[  Instead I'll just share my outfit of the day, and a quick Valentines snap I took of myself! Enjoy :)  xoxoxo -Rose

I need a new camera =[

My Valentines Snapshot

Sunday, February 9, 2014

夢 Dream

Hello guys! I know it has been a while! I must apologize for being such an awful blogger! My studies take up most of my time now. I do have some product reviews I would like to post about in the near future!! Speaking of posts I just finished writing a poem. I wanted hope to be the main theme. I life we have struggles and hardships. Sometimes we wonder if it is ever going to end. But it will pass too! So just hold onto the good memories until the rain stops... Well, here is my poem!  :) -Rose

夢 Dream

始まりを見つけよう                                                Find your new beginning
だから だから ...                                                             because because....
きっと目覚める瞬間                                            the moment you wake up I'm sure
光がある... for you                                                      there is light ...for you
愛しさは せつなさ抱きしめて                                 love embraces you
希望を持って強く                                                    hold strongly onto hope

過ぎてゆく昨日へと 手を振りながら         While waving goodbye to yesterday

たどり着いた                                                       it's all or nothing now
踏み出せば 何かが変わるから                   If we step forward, something will change
恐れず前を向いて                                                     don't be afraid of the future
君は一人ではないから                                                   you are not alone
光が道を示す                           the light will show you the way

09 Feb 2014

photo from @linda_1312  instagram®