Saturday, March 7, 2015


It has been almost a year since I last posted! Regardless. here are some photos I would like to share. Here is the red line, this train goes through the city of Boston and Cambridge. You will see a lot of nurses and doctors on this line because it stops at a Massachusetts General Hospital. It is one of the best hospitals in the nation! I hope to work there one day!

Bridge over the Charles river; red line and car path

This picture of the train is going over a bridge. It is the Charles river. On this river you can go canoeing.  I have gone canoeing with my cousin too! She had fun, although I must admit, I was very nervous, I thought we were going to tip over since she kept getting confused between her left and right. yikes! Here is a picture of the Charles river with some people canoeing.

Charles river

Prior onto going onto the bridge that goes over the Charles river there is a neat little bakery! I love to go there to get a prosciutto sandwich  for lunch. There is also a vegan restaurant nearby that uses vegetables and fruits of the current season. Below is a picture of the small bakery.


Aside from walking around in the city, I enjoy talking walks around the beach, it is great exercise!! Here is a small snapshot of me posing at the beach. Since this photo I have cut my hair, it is no longer able to go in a bun! 

P.S. I will have a review of my new shop haul! It will include brands such as : LIZ LISA. Tralala, JUGEtta, Betsy Johnson, etc.

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