Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tamagotchi ReVieW =]

As a child I had a Tamagotchi. For those who don't know what it is, a Tamagotchi is a virtual pet. You take care of the virtual pet by providing it: food, medicine, bath time, discipline and time for play and sleep. Here is a picture of the original series:

Bandai, the owners of Tamagotchi recently released an app for smart phones! The app comes with two modes: classic also known as "toy" and the modern "app". The classic mode is exactly like the 1995 version I used to play with all the time! The modern mode includes the game rock, paper, scissors with your pet. The Tamagotchi also changes to a certain color when it matures. Here is a picture of my Tamagotchi in the classic mode:

My ratings:

         originality:  (5)
         gaming experience ☆ (3)
         gaming platform ☆ (3)
I gave this app a 5 in originality because it stayed 100 % true to the 1995 version. Also the app is free for download. You can't go wrong there! :) Gaming experience I rated this app a 3 because the pet needed my constant attention. Very high maintenance! I really couldn't take out my phone every 15 minutes during class. :( Also the app. sometimes was non-responsive to touch. I gave this app a 3 for gaming platform because it is only available for the android system. Meaning if you have an apple product you are out of luck :[

Tamagotchi products & name: (c) BANDAI,WiZ (C)NBGI


  1. Your blog is great, you got yourself a new follower :) LOVE the sailormoon-nails!!

    Take care *(^.^)*
    / Jennie

  2. Excellent review, I love this digital pet and I just received my Tamagotchi virtual pet at PIJ. Its really awesome. Thanks for your interesting review.

    1. Thank you! :) The link you provided definatly has way more options than ebay! Thanks for sharing :)