Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!!!! =] 2013

I hope everyone's Christmas/New Year was awesome! :-) Did any of you guys dress up as Santa's helper? =] Were there any parties or family gatherings that took place?

Today I attempted to apply these new double eyelashes by Ardell; long story short--- it was a disaster!!!! It looked like two furry caterpillars sitting on my eyelids!!! I guess my eyes really don't like to become "beautified". SO I ended up throwing them away. Aside from this horrific event I did have a fab time with my friend today! :-) We went out to lunch and headed to Cambridge side. At the galleria mall there is a shop called "Love Culture" I really enjoyed the edgy k-pop feel to it! :-) Allot of pastels are making their way in for spring which I am extremely excited for!!! (especially the sea green shade) ahaha I love pastels! I was defiantly one happy camper! :) I got myself two pairs of skinny jeans, and a metallic knit top. It has a faux leather trim with shoulder pads studded with silver stars. :o) Here is a quick snapshot I took:

What style's are you guys into? What is your favorite outfit to wear at a friend outing? 

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