Wednesday, November 14, 2012

✇ Anti Bullying

One thing I can not stand is bullying. People need to understand that if something bothers them, they must speak up! Don't EVER make the bully feel he/she is more important than you. It doesn't matter if he/she has more education or is in higher position than you. If no action is taken then you passively are allowing the bully to push you around. Bullies lack the understanding of the word respect.  According to the term respect can be defined as "showing consideration for; treat courteously or kindly" This means: treating others in a way that your conduct positively favors one another (both psychologically and physically). I rather have people see me fighting for what I believe in than stripping me of my own voice.

“Peace is more than just the absence of war. True peace is justice, true peace is freedom. And true peace dictates the recognition of human rights.” - Ronald Reagan

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